An organization who has implemented any transaction processing system or ERP is often faced with 'black box' situations during audit and reviews. With rapid technological advancements, risk management or attaining process compliances have become complex.


Any business process has input, output, predecessor/successor, embedded controls and KPIs. Adherence to such processes ensures business compliance otherwise gaps lead to business risk.

We at QJ review business processes and help to align them to business objectives. We develop standard operating procedures for businesses to ensure that the interplay amongst process, people and technology achieves strategic objectives. We design, test and implement process controls for our clients and help to establish maker-checker framework.


Organisation's IT are often vulnerable to ineffectiveness of business requirements and risk from external attacks that affects sustainability of the business. We review IT systems to enhance efficiency, identify business gaps and insecure processes, and check adherence to IT policies and procedures.


We develop tools in ERP to check whether internal controls are active and relevant. We also assist our clients to implement additional controls. For this purpose, we have also partnered with an audit firm to carry out these implementations and audits.