Business Sustenance

An organization who has invested in optimizing their business processes or enable processes with technology will be at different levels of maturity and stages of recovering their ROI

chain management

Many factors can clearly impact supply chain as well as business logistic – from weather to the condition of vehicles, economic situations and numerous other factors. An intelligent inventory management can predict re-supply requirements or optimize inventory carrying cost.

We at QJ can use Combinatorics to optimize components in a supply chain or location analysis for stores and distribution centres.

and Support

An investment in ERP implementation should be properly planned and executed. More than being an IT application, ERP aims to create a synergy between People, Process and Technology.

We at QJ advice clients on the right solution and approach to implement ERP. We help clients to achieve stability in their ERP implementation.


Business managers wait for business intelligent dashboards to take business decisions. The dashboards highlight trends, evaluate performances, compare planned vs. actuals and help managers to forecast business growth.

We at QJ gather client's requirements, design data models and develop dashboards for decision makers. We assist clients to transmit data.


A proper customer sentiment/feedback analyses in conjunction with an optimized contact strategy framework can be a ready winner for any business.

We at QJ can use lifetime value analysis or uplift modeling to assess the incremental impact of a treatment on a customer's behaviour, their need vs. fulfilment or predict attrition potential.