Business Growth

An organization who has implemented ERP systems and standardized business processes wants to enable and support business strategy and growth by ERP+

Digital Strategy and Innovation

Is business data being captured at its source? Does the ERP communicate with manufacturing systems? Are the routine processes automated? Today answers to these questions can tell the future of a business.

We at QJ enhance data quality and help to accelerate business decision through automation

Planning and business forecasts

A business plan helps to achieve the strategic business objectives, factoring in the uncertainties of the external environment, market dynamism and consumer behaviour. We at QJ use decision science to pre-detect stress points in a business plan, draw the business growth path and can modulate it within given constraints.

Customer Acquisition

A major challenge across organizations is to identify the target group with the right offer bouquet. Whether it is price, quality or offer – which is most important to customers. We at QJ can use techniques like Conjoint analysis, multiple regression or Chi-square automatic interaction detection to evaluate customer preferences.

Analytical models

Today Analytical models can be used to assess the impact of changes to pricing, promotions, programs and products, on any marketing programs, or supply chain decisions which in turn drives business profitability.

We at QJ develop econometric models to gain insight into market demand, trends and factors that affect supply and costs.